Project SYP (Shit Your Pants)

The opportunity presented itself, so I went with it.


It all started with a "free" car from S. Stamps.  A 1970 Sedan DeVille.  There was no plan for the car, figuring it was bought as a parts car.   After talking to a few people we decided to do some minor touch-ups.  The catch was that since it was a free car, there is no way we could spend any real money on the restoration. 

Due to some unforseen problems a new project arose from this current hobby project.  Rob decided to drive the Caddy and break it.   With the potential for a motor rebuild I decided that it should result in something fun.  While tossing around the idea of different motor swaps for the 472, Stampie coincidentally calls me and says "What do you think about putting the 472 into an old Datsun Z car?"  Almost instantly I agreed since my mind was headed in the same direction as well, so Project SYP was born.

Thanks Rob

 rob.jpg (63018 bytes)

Here's a few shots of the donor car, but there is only one thing that is important from her, that 472.


DSCF0055.jpg (78788 bytes) DSCF0062.JPG (32249 bytes) DSCF0092.JPG (22203 bytes) DSCF0093.JPG (22646 bytes)
DSCF01291.jpg (82346 bytes) DSCF0130.jpg (75235 bytes) DSCF0131.jpg (98192 bytes) DSCF0137.jpg (78925 bytes)

So the plan starts with the search for a Z car body.  Since I may be taking this car back to California I wanted to make sure I would be smog exempt.  That means 1975 or prior, so the search begins.  A decent looking body with a non-running motor was located for a cheap price.  A 1974 Datsun 260Z.  So we picked that up on Ebay, now just a matter of   getting her back to FL.  I enlisted the assistance of Barry, who is always glad to help and partake in my idiotic adventures (thanks Kerin).  We got a trailer, hooked it to the truck and hauled ass at 2:30am Saturday night up to NC.  Stopping   only for food when the truck needed gas we arrived in NC, picked up the car, then turned right around to head back.  We arrived back in Jax at about 7:30pm Sunday night.  Now that's a lot of hours together in a car non-stop.

DSCF0129.jpg (22221 bytes) DSCF0135.jpg (21041 bytes) DSCF0141.jpg (73053 bytes) DSCF0142.jpg (44134 bytes)
DSCF0143.jpg (45444 bytes) DSCF0144.jpg (78868 bytes) DSCF0145.jpg (81709 bytes) DSCF0146.jpg (79663 bytes)
DSCF0177.jpg (87310 bytes)      

And now the stripping begins, not that kind of stripping.  We stripped the Cadi and sold practically everything on Ebay (what a great invention).  We even sold items we weren't planning on selling.  The most shocking item to me is still the hood hinges that went to Norway, but if that's what you need do what you can to get it.  

DSCF0154.jpg (85410 bytes) DSCF0155.jpg (94170 bytes) DSCF0156.jpg (84696 bytes) DSCF0157.jpg (64500 bytes)
DSCF0158.jpg (78354 bytes) DSCF0159.jpg (65393 bytes) DSCF0160.jpg (64090 bytes) DSCF0176.jpg (59521 bytes)
DSCF0227.jpg (59051 bytes) DSCF0229.jpg (96088 bytes) DSCF02310.jpg (106147 bytes) DSCF02350.jpg (100772 bytes)
DSCF0264.jpg (65468 bytes) DSCF0270.jpg (87386 bytes)    




Just a thought, think this radiator from the Cadi will fit???DSCF0226.jpg (91333 bytes)

If it doesn't, I will make it...time for some creativity and fabrication.  But since Stampie has told me an infinite amount of times that he is not a body guy, Barry gets the honor of making her look pretty.


Once completely stripped and everything pulled it was time to call the wrecker.  Say bye to the Cadi, gone forever.  And on to stripping the Z car and pulling the motor.  Thanks to Stampie and Skeeter this got done all in one day.

DSCF0228.jpg (93987 bytes) Beer break


DSCF0230.jpg (54367 bytes)

Now that's stripped, at least I think so, sorry Bruce.


DSCF0231.jpg (97405 bytes)

How does that seat go again?


DSCF0233.jpg (91172 bytes)

That's a lot of junk.


DSCF0247.jpg (74389 bytes)

Here comes the wrecker.


DSCF0245.jpg (77880 bytes)

Load her up.


DSCF0251.jpg (92790 bytes)

Say good-bye to the Cadi, even so it's still a little sad. Stampie needed comforting...nothing a beer couldn't fix.


DSCF0256.jpg (96648 bytes)

DSCF0234.jpg (64809 bytes) DSCF0235.jpg (79107 bytes) Are you sure it's gonna fit?


DSCF0236.jpg (72003 bytes)

Redneck lift, make sure to set the E-brake this time


.DSCF0259.jpg (67532 bytes)

Who invited the homeless guy?



DSCF0262.jpg (67769 bytes)

DSCF0263.jpg (75540 bytes) DSCF0271.jpg (70328 bytes) Are you really sure it's gonna fit? Where's my tape measure?


DSCF0272.jpg (95832 bytes)

Extra motors, help us Ebay


DSCF0261.jpg (81892 bytes)



So where we stand at this point, Cadi gone, both motors pulled, and the Z car ready for prepping.  Time to do some body work with Barry.  There are a few spots that need the rust cut out and patch panels welded in, removal of the sunroof and a patch panel welded in, and fabrication of a new radiator support to allow us to use the OEM Cadi radiator.


Time for some body work.  Remove the fenders and sunroof, cut out the rust, and remove the factory radiator supports.  Plans are to fabricate new custom radiator supports in a wider area to allow the use of the OEM Cadi radiator.  Prep for welding in patch panels while we're at it. 



Is he working?


sleep3.jpg (73217 bytes)

Maybe thinking??


sleep.jpg (61844 bytes)

Nope, just taking a cat nap under the Z car.


sleep2.jpg (40817 bytes)

Sunroof rust


sunrust12.jpg (46479 bytes)

More shots of the sunroof rust


sunrust14.jpg (44397 bytes)


Close up



sunrust13.jpg (56472 bytes)

And another close up



sunrust13.jpg (56472 bytes)

Sunroof removal and prep for a patch panel.



sunrust.jpg (46033 bytes)

Driver side fender rust.


rustfenderl.jpg (59023 bytes)

Passenger side fender rust.


fenderrustr.jpg (53082 bytes)

Passenger fender removal


rfender.jpg (81682 bytes)

Driver side fender removal


.fender.jpg (79807 bytes)

Inner fender well rust on passenger side


innerrustr.jpg (89533 bytes)

Close up


innerrustlt.jpg (90613 bytes)

Rust removal


rustr.jpg (100862 bytes)

Inner fender well rust on driver's side


innerrustl.jpg (87978 bytes)

Rust removal



rustl.jpg (94344 bytes)

Tweaked radiator support.  And it's just not wide enough for the larger radiator...but we can fix that.


fronttweak.jpg (89267 bytes)

Radiator support removed



cut.jpg (87492 bytes)




centerhole.jpg (99647 bytes)

And when you are all done cutting, clean up is always a good thing.   Learn that Stampie.


barry1.jpg (87839 bytes)

Thanks Barry


barry2.jpg (103298 bytes)



Time to finish prepping for engine bay paint, then get a welder over here.  Patch panels here we come.


Ok,   So now it's time for engine trial fitting.



Take this motor...

DSCF0261.jpg (58266 bytes)


...and put it in here?


DSCF0262.JPG (326784 bytes)

Trans mounts removed


DSCF0263.JPG (242186 bytes)

Trans mounts removed


DSCF0264.JPG (243929 bytes)

Let's put it in


DSCF0265.JPG (310120 bytes)


Close up



DSCF0266.JPG (313940 bytes)

Damn oil pan...hits the crossmember



DSCF0267.JPG (316296 bytes)



DSCF0268.JPG (344328 bytes)


Firewall clearance

DSCF0269.JPG (277928 bytes)


Clearance???  Nope.


DSCF0270.JPG (292654 bytes)

Damn it.


DSCF0271.JPG (315243 bytes)

Ok, trial fit number 2!


.DSCF0272.JPG (327335 bytes)

Still a problem with the oil pan

DSCF0273.JPG (292059 bytes)


Close up


DSCF0274.JPG (288612 bytes)

We do have slearance from the steering column


DSCF0275.JPG (250731 bytes)

Firewall clearance

DSCF0276.JPG (305272 bytes)




DSCF0277.jpg (78914 bytes)


That was some hard work...someone needs a rest.


DSCF0278.JPG (260665 bytes)










Engine cleaning and painting time.  Went with Ford dark blue, but shows like Smurf blue in these pictures.  The true color is darker, not sure why it looks this way.  Waiting on new pictures with hopefully truer color.




DSCF0280.jpg (185254 bytes)



DSCF0281.jpg (157625 bytes)



DSCF0283.jpg (185935 bytes)



DSCF0284.jpg (183908 bytes)


DSCF0285.jpg (178480 bytes)





DSCF0286.jpg (188827 bytes)











Ok, time for trial fit number 3.  We got a mid sump oil pan from a 425 motor and that should take care of our clearance issues from the front crossmember.


Motor is in

DSCF0276.JPG (330415 bytes)


Exhaust manifold is tight on the passenger side.

DSCF0277.JPG (343906 bytes)


We look a little tight here also.


DSCF0278.JPG (351224 bytes)

Needs to be deeper.


DSCF0279.JPG (339453 bytes)

Stampie's favorite tool, the 2x6.


DSCF0280.JPG (286000 bytes)


Well, it's in.


DSCF0281.JPG (280954 bytes)


Motor mount fabrication measurements.



DSCF0282.JPG (286806 bytes)




DSCF0283.JPG (259011 bytes)

A little tight.


DSCF0284.JPG (269638 bytes)

A little tight, we'll need to get a little more clearance on the passenger side exhaust manifold.


DSCF0285.JPG (318226 bytes)

Looks alright.


DSCF0286.JPG (250958 bytes)

Got clearance


DSCF0287.JPG (301672 bytes)



So time for a little welding.  Motor mounts are essentially advancement plates that will have holes drilled for the Cadi motor mounts to drop into.  A little sheet metal was going to be used to patch the engine bay rust areas and some reinforcement plates welded where there was cracks in the frame rail.

After spending way too much time staring at the NASTY engine bay with bent frame rails and multiple cracks I have come up with a new plan.   F**K IT!  Yep, that's my new plan.  No more thinking this is going to look pretty, and be nice.  Instead this will have to serve as  a mock up for a real car later.  All fabrication will be removeable, shy of the motor mount advancement plates.  Once everything is all set to go, this rotten chasis will be traded out for a new, clean, and straight chasis.  We will get her running, but then looking for a possible transplant later.

So here's where we stand:

DSCF0244.jpg (40614 bytes) DSCF0245.jpg (39152 bytes) DSCF0246.jpg (61894 bytes) DSCF0247.jpg (71804 bytes)
DSCF0248.jpg (55817 bytes) DSCF0249.jpg (55297 bytes) DSCF0250.jpg (75095 bytes)  


Ok, so the motor mounts didn't work.  No templates, not a lot of measuring...and go figure...not a lot of working.  So now time for a new plan.  We cut out the towers completely and fabbed completely new mount stands welded directly to the frame rails.  This also allowed us to get the motor not only exactly where we wanted it, but lower down as well.  One little hitch as always with us ass backwards, no forethought builders.  When we mocked up the location for the mounts forgot that the steering column was out and we just happened to put the mounts where the knuckle from the steering column hits within an 1/8 inch.  Nothing ever done easy.  So a little modification of the cadi motor mount and we're back in business.  And the brake lines are back in the car as well.


So Rob came back to help...sort of

DSCF0264.jpg (40381 bytes)

And Stampie is always good for some help as well.

DSCF0265.jpg (60716 bytes)

No more Smurf Blue

DSCF0266.jpg (82232 bytes)

DSCF0267.jpg (80812 bytes)
DSCF0268.jpg (63167 bytes) DSCF0269.jpg (77127 bytes) Pretty new master cylinder and reservoirs

DSCF0270.jpg (65673 bytes)

New motor mount plates welded in place

DSCF0271.jpg (69578 bytes)

We'll keep you posted as we progress.